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Learn more about how Neely can help you look and feel your best!

Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” — Epictetus

Do you experience any of the following when you open your closet and/or look in the mirror?

  • Feeling uninspired about your wardrobe options, to the point where it seems you are always grabbing for or wearing the same items
  • Not caring about or wanting to get dressed in the morning or for  various events, because you don’t know what to wear, how to wear it, or how to pair things in a stylish, polished way
  • Confused about how to put together outfits and clothing items that flatter you and your body shape
  • Constantly feeling embarrassment and shame about your body, criticizing yourself often
  • Having low self-esteem and a negative self-image in terms of your general appearance
  • Wanting desperately to make great first impressions when it comes to style and your appearance but having no idea how

If any of the above bullet points resonate with you, then it’s time for a style and image makeover!

Your outward appearance is often a big part of your ability to feel and project confidence and a part of how you brand yourself to the world. When you take pride in and feel great about your wardrobe, personal style, and appearance, you feel more comfortable in your own skin, you enhance your personal power, and you are inspired to make the most out of your life!

I am passionate about style and image makeovers. I’ve even teamed up with powerhouses such as Macy’s and Neiman Marcus to talk about how fashion and personal style play into one’s dating life and beyond. And I am so excited to help you become a stylish, head-turning, empowered woman!

Before Picture of Neely's client and After picture of Neely's style makeover on her client

My makeovers are designed to:

  • Fit your lifestyle, budget, personality, career, and social life.
  • Transform your look and image in a short period of time
  • Give you the information and resources you need to have a lifelong understanding of what to wear and what to avoid
  • Align your wardrobe and image with the woman you want to be in your life.
  • Enhance your overall self-esteem and self-image

Check out my styling and makeover options below and click on the video above for more about how I help women (singles and non-singles alike) with their personal style.

For the single ladies: Combining one of the options below with one of my dating and/or online dating coaching options will provide you with a truly transformative experience and help put you on the path to not only feeling and looking your best but finding the love and relationship you’ve always wanted.

fashion-heartFor style ideas and tips, check out my style blog where I post about dating, fashion, personal style, and how to become a confident, empowered, stylish dater!

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3-hr In-Home Wardrobe & Image

(available to women in the Massachusetts area)

Woman confused about her wardrobe and personal style

Not ready to start shopping yet? Have a closet full of clothes that you feel confused by? Not sure how to pair things in your wardrobe? Tired of opening up your closet and feeling uninspired or disorganized? Want to learn more about how you can use what you currently own in the best way possible and get the most bang for your buck? Need help throwing out old, ill-fitting clothes but don’t know where to start? The in-home wardrobe and image consultation is a great option to start addressing all of these wardrobe challenges and dilemmas.

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3-hr Shopping Trip
(available to women in the Massachusetts area)

Two women shopping together

Let’s go shopping! Shopping with friends can be fun. but. often times. you can’t focus solely on your shopping needs. or you have to deal with your friend’s body insecurities. or the clothes that might look good on you won’t work for their body types and you feel guilty, or your friend may be impatient or not want to go to the same stores. or all of the above. And shopping alone can be just as problematic if you have NO IDEA w’nat to look for. or what cuts. colors. and fabrics work best on your shape, or what stores are best for you. or how to combine items to look pulled together and polished. The shopping trip service is designed to be educational, eye-opening, motivating, fun, and, most importantly, all about YOU and creating a new and improved personal style and image!

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The Ultimate Wardrobe/Style/Image Makeover
(available to women in the Massachusetts area)

Woman looking in her closet after a wardrobe makeover

Want to combine the in-home wardrobe assessment and the shopping trip so that you have the best of both worlds? The Ultimate Makeover is the most complete approach possible in terms of reimagining and clearing out your current wardrobe AND then filling your closet with amazing, new pieces that make you feel like the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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Virtual Style and Image

(4 Skype sessions)

Woman conducting a virtual style and wardrobe makeover

Don’t live in MA but still want to work with me and learn more about how to make over your personal style and image so that you can start becoming that incredible woman you’ve always wanted to be in your life? Well, good thing they invented the Internet! The Virtual Makeover combines aspects of the in-home assessment and the shopping trip without me actually being next to you, but offers you the same guidance, resources, and support you need to blossom into a stylish, empowered, head-turning, and confident woman.

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