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Check out this random profile spotted on

“Hi. Thanks for stopping by my profile. I’m not sure how I feel about online dating but figured I’d give it a shot. A little about me: I like going to the movies and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy the beach and the mountains, good food, laughter, and checking out new restaurants and bars. I think I’m open, friendly, and a good friend, and I look for the same in people I date.”


Let me ask you a few questions about this woman’s profile:

  • Does the woman in this profile stand out to you at all?
  • Is there anything unique or special about how this woman is describing herself?
  • Do you think this profile makes a man excited to want to get in touch with this woman or respond to an introductory email she sends to him?
  • Does her profile make you feel or imagine anything?

No, no, no, and no. Yet, 95% of the profiles I see out there read very similar to this one: Boring, generic, unoriginal, uninspired.

And beyond just the written part of a profile, to make matters worse, many profiles have pictures that are grainy, awkwardly cropped, too far away, and just not presenting the person in the best light possible.

When you are vying for attention online among thousands of others, you want a profile that stands out, both visually and verbally, a profile that draws the reader in, helps them to imagine what it might be like to be in your presence, makes them smile, and gets them excited to make a connection with you.

I’ve created hundreds of profiles for women (and men) who are looking to give online dating a try or breathe fresh air into their current online dating lives. I met my husband on so I know what it takes! I also offer online dating assistance. Many women feel overwhelmed by and frustrated with navigating their online dating life, and I am here to offer that extra layer of support for those who want someone by their side.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Search better and smarter
  • Keep your profile fresh, up-to-date, and current in searches
  • Send great introductory emails that will increase your response rate
  • Look at people’s profiles with a new, more open perspective
  • Stay motivated and positive about your online dating experience

Check out all of my profile makeover and online dating assistance options below!

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Deluxe Profile Makeover

Man choosing the Deluxe Profile service from her laptop

Not sure if your profile is standing out enough? Clueless as to the impact your photos are having? Or maybe you’re new to online dating and need help with your entire profile? This is definitely popular option for those who want more online dating profile help than the Basic Profile Makeover option offers. If you are looking for a complete profile makeover, from the writing of the main section of your profile to completion of all of the sidebar, secondary aspects of your profile to help with photo selection, then this is a great option for you. Let me help you truly stand out from the sea of other online daters vying for attention. With the Deluxe Makeover, I will be sure to deliver a unique, fun, polished, and expertly written complete profile and help you select the best possible photos – a strategy that will, no doubt, help you make an amazing digital first impression.

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Deluxe Profile Makeover With 2 Phone Calls

Woman considering the Deluxe Profile Makeover With 2 Phone Calls option on her tablet

This is the same service as the Deluxe Profile Makeover, but it also includes two Skype (or phone) calls. It’s important to have a great profile to stand apart from the rest, but sometimes online dating can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s helpful to have someone by your side, especially at the beginning, to help you navigate the process. Click the Learn More button to find out what we’ll discuss during our phone calls.

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The Ultimate Profile Makeover
& VIP Online Dating Help

Woman reviewing the Ultimate Profile Makeover & VIP Online Dating Help package

Are you seeing other people around you meet great partners from online dating sites and thinking about giving it a shot? Or have you been trying online dating for a while but experiencing average or bad results (i.e. not getting a lot of messages and attracting the wrong men who don’t appear serious or thoughtful)? Whether you’re new to online dating and need lots of guidance or you’re looking to revamp and revitalize your current online dating life, the Ultimate Profile Makeover and eDating Assistance service is a great option for you if you really want and need a hands-on, supportive, knowledgeable guide. Click the Learn More button to see all the incredible services you’ll receive with this option.

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