“For years my romantic life has been in a complete standstill. Friends and family have given me lots of advice and opinions on my single status, and I had read several books and articles on the art of dating and “snatching a guy,” but I did not find any of these things to be helpful, or motivating. I came across Neely’s video advice column and found her so relatable and her advice so empowering that I immediately emailed her when I found out that she is Boston-based, and was available as a dating coach. Neely got back to me right away with a very thoughtful email, and so began our coaching relationship. Through this process Neely has been so thorough and has really taken the time to help me create an action plan that is tailored to me (no cookie-cutter, 1 size fits all dating advice here!). With Neely I not only was given how-to’s on dating and relationships (which was also very helpful), but we also really examined my underlying thoughts that have been driving my behavior and keeping me in dating no-man’s land. Neely encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, but was never harsh, or judgmental, so I always felt comfortable to be completely honest with her. With Neely’s enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge, and dedication I have gained the insight to know myself, what I need from a partner to be happy (vs. want), and how I will get there.

Sarah, 37