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coaching-arrow3-hour Shopping Trip
(available to women in the Massachusetts area)

Want to know if this is the right option for you? Watch the video and read below!

  • When you attempt to go shopping on your own, do you walk into a store, feel overwhelmed, and, twenty minutes later, walk out feeling depressed and frustrated about your experience?
  • Are you totally confused about what cuts, shapes, and colors look good on you?
  • Do you look at your closet and feel totally uninspired to get dressed?
  • Does your wardrobe need a makeover so that you can start aligning your personal style with how you want to feel in your dating life and beyond (i.e. feminine, polished, confident, etc.)?
  • Have you lost weight recently and are clueless as to what styles will look good on your new, fantastic body?

If the answers to any of these questions are yes, the 3-hour Shopping Trip is the perfect service for you.

Before Picture of Neely's client and After picture of Neely's style makeover on her client

This option includes:

  • Detailed profile questionnaire to understand your style, wardrobe, and image challenges and needs. This document will be sent to you and completed by you in advance of our appointment.
  • A brief discussion before the shopping trip to kick start your thinking about what you want your personal style to look like.
  • Shopping at a variety of different stores within your budget, so I can show you what looks good on your body type, from everything to fit, cut, and colors. (While you can certainly buy items during this trip, you can also just use the experience as an educational field trip so when you are ready to purchase items on your own you have the necessary knowledge base.)
  • Suggestions on great outfits for a variety of different occasions. If you purchase a dating coaching package (link) or an online dating makeover service (link) with me and are getting online photos done, I can help pick out the perfect outfits for your photo shoot.
  • Various resource documents for future use.
  • A personalized, post-trip shopping plan and recommendations that you can use for future reference.

Investment: $475


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