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coaching-arrow3-hour In-home Wardrobe and Image Consultation/Analysis
(available to women in the Massachusetts area)

Want to know if this is the right option for you? Watch the video and read below!

This is a great option for those women who need help dissecting and sifting through their current wardrobe so that they can really begin to utilize the clothes and accessories they already own in the best way possible. For three hours, we will go through and analyze your current wardrobe. I will have you try on a whole bunch of outfits, show you what looks good on your body type (fit, cut, and colors), advise you on how to create polished looks for a variety of different occasions, and advise you on which items to keep and throw out and why.

This option includes:

  • Detailed profile questionnaire to understand your style, wardrobe, and image challenges and needs. This document will be sent to you and completed by you in advance of our appointment.
  • Three full hours of wardrobe analysis and recommendations.
  • Suggestions on great outfits for a variety of different occasions (i.e. dating, work, casual, etc.). If you purchase a dating coaching package (link) or an online dating makeover service (link) with me and are getting online photos done, I will help pick out the perfect outfits for your photo shoot.
  • Various resource documents for future use.
  • A personalized, post-consultation wardrobe and image debrief and recommendations that you can use for future reference.

Investment: $435


Additional travel fee beyond 5 miles outside of Boston: $50 (can pay via check or cash)

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