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Learn How To Be the CEO of Your Love Life

shape(Hint: it has nothing to do with manipulative, antiquated, insulting dating advice that focuses on how to “hook” a man)

colorful-arrows-ltIn my popular book Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love, I teach you how to take the reins in your dating life, how to create your own rules, how to focus on creating love in your life rather than on what you are afraid might happen if you don’t.

Instead of feeling powerless when it comes to matters of the heart, as if you have to wait for a man to decide if he likes you or if he’s ready for commitment, I show you how to carve your own path in your dating life and feel as though you are in charge of your own destiny. LOADED with step-by-step instructions, checklists, reflection exercises, and action steps, this revolutionary, well-researched dating book will guide you towards self-discovery and a fun, purposeful dating venture that blossoms into a healthy, happy relationship.

Book covers of Dating Coach Neely Steinberg's dating advice book "Skin In the Game"

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Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn in Skin In the Game:
  • How to create a vision of the kind of love you truly desire and how to work toward building that vision so it becomes your reality!
  • Why your single status is not a burden but an incredible opportunity,  full of limitless possibilities;
  • How to build your self-esteem and confidence in the dating world;
  • How to think for yourself about your dating life, not what to think;
  • How to lean on supporters and mentors who will encourage and inspire  you to move your dating venture forward;
  • How to tackle your negative, toxic thinking about yourself, men, dating, love, and relationships;
  • How to take action, experiment, and use reflection in your dating life in ways you’ve never done before;
  • How to become a better dater, a woman who connects effortlessly with men;
  • How to recognize dating failures as learning opportunities and how to become more vulnerable in healthy, self-loving ways;
  • How to use your dating and relationship fears and insecurities (rather than run from them) to help push your dating venture forward;
  • How to tap into and build your networks to meet men;
  • How to create your own opportunities to meet men
  • And so much more!

Relationship expert and best-selling author
Susan E. Winter
(as seen on Oprah and the Today Show)

“I just bought Neely’s new book, ‘Skin In The Game’ and I’m blown away by each chapter. And I thought I was good! Neely has given a clear and intelligent voice of reason that cuts through all the garbage of mainstream nonsense to guide modern women in the quest of gaining the love they seek. ‘Skin in the Game’ is a dating formula that unites our business skills with our loving skills. Neely guides today’s smart and savvy women through the chaos of dating and mating with sanity and confidence. Empowering women to create the love they desire, she’s defined the road map to using our greatest entrepreneurial skills to make what is wonderful, incredible and real. This is a ‘must read’ for any woman who wants to secure love and happiness. Hands-down, the best book I’ve read on how to create the love you want.”

There are three versions of the book: The paperback book , the EBOOK , and the workbook.

Note: The Workbook was created as a resource to complete all of the “action steps” and reflection exercises outlined in the book. The Workbook can be used effectively on its own OR purchased in conjunction with the book.

Dating Coach and CEO of The Last First Date
Sandy Weiner

“Neely Steinberg has written one of the most intelligent and unique books on how to find love. As an entrepreneur and dating coach myself, I totally resonate with the correlation between being an entrepreneur whose business is thriving and being a successful dater. Neely gives the reader wonderful exercises to learn to become more resilient, take more risks, and not come undone with every ‘failed’ relationship. This is a must read for anyone looking to find a lasting, loving relationship.”


“Neely spent 10 years working as a Program Director and academic advisor to MBA students at a college well known for its focus on entrepreneurship education. She met her husband when she was 33, and subsequently launched a dating coaching practice to share what she’d learned and how to go about finding love in a systematic way. Skin In the Game is her manifesto – a way forward for women who want to create, build and shape their own romantic futures. One of my favorite features of the book is its emphasis on reflection, which Neely defines as the process by which knowledge is derived from experience. The point is not to follow a strict set of rules with promises to get a ring on your finger within a certain period of time. Neely believes in trial and error learning, giving women permission to make useful mistakes along the way…Skin In the Game is a supportive journey through the process of reflecting, learning and changing in order to make good mating choices. Neely can help you get there.”

5-Star Amazon Book Review

“Truth: I don’t normally gravitate toward self-help or how-to books. But Steinberg’s fresh and thoughtful take on dating drew me in. Steinberg speaks to smart women who aren’t interested in playing games to catch a man. She offers quick, practical exercises to help women identify strengths, limiting beliefs, partnership priorities and more, and walks us through small-step-by-small-step to get us from thinking about improving our dating lives to taking actions to improve our dating lives. The personal and professional anecdotes she includes pushed me to take an honest look at whether I’ve been “dating smart” and what I could do to be more strategic and clear-eyed about my dating life. Definitely a recommendation for my single friends–and there’s valuable thought exercises in here for my partnered friends, too.”

5-Star Amazon Book Review

“Do you want to feel completely inspired about dating again? Read this book. Steinberg takes the tenets of entrepreneurial thinking and successfully applies them to the search for true love. She takes you through helpful exercises, such as articulating your limiting beliefs and defining your personal brand, so that you can enter/reenter the dating scene armed with confidence and self-knowledge. She also offers fun-to-read real-world examples, some of them personal, of entrepreneurial dating in practice. Her approach to “dating incrementally” — especially the notion that you can learn and grow from bad dates – should make anyone want to jump off the couch and get started. I intend to recommend this book to all my single friends.”

5-Star Amazon Book Review

“After browsing through the dating books at the book store, this book is the most comprehensive of all. Neely has brought up lots of ideas on how to use dating like a business. When something doesn’t work, try something new or different. It helps you look at your past, present, and future and how you want your life to be. It’s more than just rules. Rules are good but not so important. It’s the action, experimentation, and reflection that gets you through it. Neely has it all right in her book. I would highly recommend it but it’s not for someone who’s looking for a quick read and get started in the dating game. It takes time and practice as well as *gulped* patience. It’s an easy to read book. Good luck!!!”

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