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Reignite your dating life, restore romance, become the confident woman
that men love and create a meaningful relationship that lasts!

Scroll down to meet the experts and learn about how this series
will help you create a loving, healthy, happy relationship.

With speakers who have been featured in:


Amy-SchoenAmy Schoen | 3 Must Know Keys to Being a Motivated to Marry Dater

Bec Robbins | 3 Steps to Attracting Love for Life

Charles Orlando | 3 Sure Fire Ways to Find Great Love

Cherry Norris | 3 Tips on How to Meet A Quality Man & Know if He’s Interested

Dr. Chris Donaghue | 3 ways sex can help or ruin your relationship

Dr. Diana Kirschner | 3 Ways to Create Soulmate Love that is Just Right for You

Janie Terrazas & Luis Santiago | 3 Key Ingredients To Building a Hot, Happy, Harmonious Relationship

Jasbina Ahluwalia | 3 Tips to Connect With a Man on a First Date

Dr. Jeanine Staples | 3 Ways To Know If You Probably Have a Toxic Lover Identity

John Gray | 3 Ways to better understand men in dating and relationships

Jonathon Aslay | 3 Ways To Make A Man Commit

Kimberly Seltzer | 3 Effective Steps Towards Becoming Your Own Matchmaker

Lisa Lieberman-Wang | The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make with Men

Paul Brunson | 3 Ways To Identify Your Values

Dr. Ray Doktor | 3 Things You Should Know To Attract A High Quality Man

Rita Goodroe | 3 ways to make dating a priority so that you create the opportunity for love

Sandra Fidelis | 3 ways to find a happy balance between career & love

Suzanne Oshima | 3 Secrets to Meeting Men

Thomas Edwards | 3 Ways to Increase Your Approachability Rating

Dr. Vincent Pedre | 3 Food-Mood Connections to Feel Your Best

In this Video Series you’ll receive answers to some of the most common dating dilemmas and questions, such as…
  • How to understand men better so that you are going into dating from a place of knowledge, confidence, and empathy.
  • Why you should embrace your past dating/relationship mistakes and successes.
  • How to set realistic expectations, especially for online dating.
  • Why having a dating plan is so crucial to your search for love.
  • Why you need to withhold your judgments of romantic potentials in the early stages of dating.
  • How to acknowledge his competence and increase bonding.
  • Why you shouldn’t give him more than he gives you.
  • Why taking care of yourself and having the right kind of energy is so crucial to managing balance between work and love.
  • Why you should look at your love life in the same way you see your professional or business life.
  • Why falling in love with someone’s potential is a HUGE mistake.
  • Why getting intentional about your love life, even more intentional than in any other aspect of your life, will create higher and healthier standards and a higher quality of life.
  • Why you need to be authentic in your sex life.
  • How to reframe from a “me” to an “us” and “we” in dating and sex.
  • Why sexual compatibility is essential in a relationship.
  • How the power of clothes and personal style contributes to you getting amazing results in your dating life. Learn how to get men to flock to you just by refreshing your style!
  • How to make flirting fun and playful so that you bring a positive energy to your dating life.
  • Why men need to “try it on for size” before committing.
  • Why the effort you put in should be equal.
  • Why you may be turning off men without even knowing it.
  • Why subtle, indirect cues with men don’t work.
  • How you can apply a simple acronym – S.O.L.D. – to help you be more approachable and more present.
  • Why you might mistakenly interact with a man as if he’s a woman.
  • How to learn how to love yourself and take happiness into your own hands.
  • Why dating more than 1 man at a time frees you up emotionally and mentally.
  • How to use non-verbal communication to attract a man (you’ll know if he’s interested and available within 6 seconds).
  • How to step into your feminine energy and let go of the reins to draw men to you.
  • Why high quality men need their own passions outside of the relationship.
  • Why women attract men through their heart instead of their head.
  • When and how you should talk about your ex in a new relationship.
  • How to change your mindset to work for your dating life not against it.
  • Why surrounding yourself with positivity is so important for your love life.
  • Why you should be friendly and talk to everybody.
  • How to think in terms of where to meet men.
  • A quick and easy technique that will help you feel powerful and build your self-esteem.
  • Why successful men love smart, successful women.
  • How to become the chooser of men instead of waiting to be chosen by men.
  • Why you should avoid knee jerk judgments on first dates.
  • The worst thing to do on a first date when getting to know someone.
  • The #1 piece of feedback a matchmaker gets from her male clients about their first date experiences with women.
  • How to tell if you’re operating from a toxic lover identity.
  • How to heal yourself to draw in the partner you really want.
  • What is the gut-brain connection.
  • Why what you eat affects the way you feel.
  • Why our childhood experiences have a major affect on how our adult relationships play out.
  • How to create an emotionally safe space to talk about your needs with your partner.
  • How becoming an explorer and observer of yourself will drastically improve your romantic relationships.
  • And so much more.

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Not only do you get lifetime access to all the interviews to watch at your convenience, but you also will receive a 40-page dating workbook (PDF) that was created specifically for this event. Here are just a few of the exercises in the workbook:

  • A way to figure out your core values (our expert Paul Brunson talked a lot about the importance of values), so that you can identify the man who will be a good long-term fit for you.
  • An exercise designed to help you figure out what your masks and defenses are so they can no longer get in the way of you dating with confidence. (Dr. Diana talked a lot about our defenses and the ways we self-sabotage.)
  • A powerful exercise designed to help you reflect on and learn from your past romantic experiences, so that you can date smarter moving forward. (Many of our experts touched on how we can learn from our past dating/relationship experiences.)
  • A 3-month healthy dating and relationship checklist to help guide you month by month in terms of what you should be looking for from him and what you should be looking for from you. These checklists are a good way to identify if your new guy has long-term potential and a great way to sort out your own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


  • A 60-minute communication training with world-famous dating/relationship expert and certified coach Marni Battista. She offers some super juicy tips and tools on how to start communicating with men from the heart. This is something that so many women struggle with!

What you receive when you purchase the Video Series:

  • $1,997 value
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  • $97 value
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  • $49 value – 
A 60-minute recorded training call with dating and relationship expert Marni Battista titled: “How To Communicate With Men From the Heart”

Total Value: $2,143
Only $97:

Only $97 to Start Changing Your Love Life Today!

What others are saying about the series?

“Round of applause for Jeanine Staples’ interview. It was really great and now that I completed the quiz, her point from the interview of “accepting an image of yourself that a man sees may seem crazy or difficult because it’s not how you perceive yourself” is driven home. After a life full of toxicities, I began cleaning up and moving on many years ago. And it is so difficult to accept the growth and hard work that clearly has paid off. I do feel confident that this is the last piece hindering me from my future of healthy supreme love. Thank you.”

“I learned from the video series to just have fun with dating. I think that’s a reminder we all can use. Sometimes it feels as if dating is like a course and the end result being that we get that guy and have somehow advanced to another level. That mindset makes dating stressful and who needs more stress, right?”

“Great interviews. I love Bec and gained tons of valuable insight from listening to her. Thank you for these lessons in life.”

“I really liked John Gray’s interview and loved the part where he talked about all the folds being beautiful. Relationships are complicated and most definitely require effort on both partners’ parts but they can be so very fulfilling.”

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