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SITG_frontcover_PDF My book Skin In the Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love is now available for purchase on Amazon! You can also purchase the Workbook for Skin In the Game on Amazon. The Workbook can be used effectively on its own or purchased in conjunction with the book. Please click on the Amazon links below (the book is on the left; the workbook on the right) to order:

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“I just bought Neely’s new book, ‘Skin In The Game’ and I’m blown away by each chapter. And I thought I was good! Neely has given a clear and intelligent voice of reason that cuts through all the garbage of mainstream nonsense to guide modern women in the quest of gaining the love they seek. ‘Skin in the Game’ is a dating formula that unites our business skills with our loving skills. Neely guides today’s smart and savvy women through the chaos of dating and mating with sanity and confidence. Empowering women to create the love they desire, she’s defined the road map to using our greatest entrepreneurial skills to make what is wonderful, incredible and real. This is a ‘must read’ for any woman who wants to secure love and happiness. Hands-down, the best book I’ve read on how to create the love you want.” –  Relationship expert and best-selling author Susan E. Winter (as seen on Oprah, the Today Show, and just about every media outlet you can think of)

“An entrepreneur does not necessarily have to be someone who starts a business.  We are all entrepreneurs by the decisions and choices we make in life.  Skin in The Game aims to help one find love, thus becoming a Love Entrepreneur or Love Trep as Steinberg puts it…an original approach…a wonderful and interesting read…the framework presented inside will open and give you the impetus to try these new ideas and possibilities to shape your love life…” Read the full review

“Love your book. I’ve never seen this approach and it makes so much sense. You write so clearly it seems like anyone can do it — empowering and inspiring! I’m even back online, experimenting with a better attitude. Thank you!”Sarah, 39

“I’m really enjoying your book! It’s great because so much of it is reinforcing what I already believe and adding to it. It’s definitely given me a framework that I can use.” – Jenifer, 45, seminar attendee

“As a lawyer-transitioned entrepreneur, radio show host, matchmaker and dating coach to one of the most statistically accomplished ethnic groups in the country (Indian-American men and women), I believe that “Skin In the Game” greatly empowers women in today’s challenging dating environment. Thriving in both dating/relationships and meaningful entrepreneurial ventures involves striving toward the ideal of self-mastery – this book is a valuable guide towards attaining this ideal. ” – Jasbina Ahluwalia, Matchmaker, CEO & Founder of Intersections Match by Jasbina (as seen on/in The Oprah Winfrey Network and the Washington Post, among others)

“Neely Steinberg has written one of the most intelligent and unique books on how to find love. As an entrepreneur and dating coach myself, I totally resonate with the correlation between being an entrepreneur whose business is thriving and being a successful dater. Neely gives the reader wonderful exercises to learn to become more resilient, take more risks, and not come undone with every ‘failed’ relationship. This is a must read for anyone looking to find a lasting, loving relationship.” – Sandy Weiner, Dating Coach and CEO of The Last First Date

“Do you want to feel completely inspired about dating again? Read this book. Steinberg takes the tenets of entrepreneurial thinking and successfully applies them to the search for true love. She takes you through helpful exercises, such as articulating your limiting beliefs and defining your personal brand, so that you can enter/reenter the dating scene armed with confidence and self-knowledge. She also offers fun-to-read real-world examples, some of them personal, of entrepreneurial dating in practice. Her approach to “dating incrementally” — especially the notion that you can learn and grow from bad dates — should make anyone want to jump off the couch and get started. I intend to recommend this book to all my single friends” — Elaine, 36

“I have totally STUDIED your book! I have a few dates lined up next week; it’s amazing when you start making a strategy, as you say, who and what can appear in your life. I have told all my single girls about your book…it’s such a unique approach that a lot of professional women can relate to!”Alyssa, 36

Just so you know what you’ll be getting, by reading this book you will:

  • Start seeing your dating and love life as an entrepreneurial venture—one that you have the power to create, build, and shape—, and yourself as a Love Entrepreneur, a Love TREP, who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur in your dating and love life.
  • Learn how to apply the lessons from the experiences of traditional entrepreneurs to your dating and love life.
  • Establish, maintain, and work toward the following vision: To have a healthy, happy dating life that leads to a healthy, happy relationship.
  • Learn why entrepreneurial qualities such as desire, a problem-solving mind-set, and vision are crucial for starting and maintaining your venture.
  • Learn how to identify and remove internal and external obstacles that are holding you back and preventing you from thinking and acting more entrepreneurially and creatively in your dating and love life.
  • Learn how to ask others for help, advice, and mentoring when it comes to your dating and love life.
  • Define and clearly communicate who you are and what you know about your dating and love life so you can start from a place of knowledge not helplessness.
  • Get a better understanding of the type of person you are looking for while still remaining flexible in your expectations and standards, and be open to different types of men.
  • Learn why practice is so important to the entrepreneurial process and how to practice dating.
  • Learn how to take action to move your dating and love life forward.
  • Learn how to use reflection to your advantage as you move forward in your dating and love life.
  • Learn how to use repetition (iteratively and incrementally) to date smarter and thus move closer to your vision.
  • Learn how to reframe failure, mistakes, and wrong turns in your dating and love life so that you see them as assets.
  • Learn how to think differently and more rationally about taking risks in your dating and love life.
  • Learn how to use your already-established networks to your advantage in your dating and love life.
  • Learn how to build and nurture relationships within your networks, thereby increasing your chances of meeting potential dates.
  • Learn how to create, identify, and seize your own opportunities through which you can meet potential dates.
  • Learn how to use customer feedback¬—your customers being men¬— to your advantage in your dating and love life.
  • Learn what it means to stay “agile” in your dating and love life.
  • Learn about a new field: entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your interest!

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