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Why Your Home Space Matters When it Comes to Your Love Life

When it comes to creating a space in your life for love to flourish, sometimes it’s not just about the how-to’s of dating. Sometimes, there are other areas of a woman’s life that need to be addressed for her to move forward confidently in the dating world. Sometimes that [...]


Get Rid Of These 3 Mindsets If You’re Going to Try Online Dating

After working with loads of singles, here are three of the most common faulty mindsets I see when it comes to doing online dating. 1) “If I don’t find the love of my life in 6 months, then forget the whole thing” I know, I know: Your brother’s painter’s lawyer’s doctor’s [...]


What Does a Theory About Porcupines Have to Do With Your Love Life?

A couple months ago, I had lunch with a really smart friend of mine. He’s a totally brilliant therapist and an adjunct psychology instructor. I wanted to sit down with him and get his thoughts on relationships, love, and dating. I was curious to hear what he sees come up repeatedly with people who come to see him in his therapy practice. He said the number one thing that people struggle with is...KEEP READING!


When To Be a Manager vs. an Entrepreneur In Your Dating Life

A handful of business-oriented schools are starting to offer their students an experiential exercise that teaches the difference between entrepreneurial thinking vs. managerial thinking. The exercise is called "Puzzles and Quilts." Here’s how it works...and, trust me, this will relate to your dating life. Keep reading!


Guest Post: How To Survive Being Single During the Holidays

Along with Valentine’s Day, many singletons claim that the Christmas holidays is one of the hardest times of the year to be on your own. From interfering relatives inquiring about the state of your love life over turkey and all the trimmings ("Well dear, I was married and had three children by the time I was your age") to the mass kissing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it’s easy to feel down about the fact that everyone – including your pet cat – seems to be loved up. Read on...


Men Like Women Who Like Men

One of the things I love about my husband is the way he adores his mother and loves and cares for his sisters. He genuinely likes and respects women and that makes my heart at once swell and melt. Do you like men? I’m not talking about having been in love with men or lusting after men or wanting to find a man. I’m talking about really and truly liking men. There’s a difference...


Guest Post: The Science Behind Why “Friends With Benefits” Doesn’t Work

Friends With Benefits, or, as a popular song puts it, Sleeping With A Friend, sounds so good. (No, really. It’s a good song.) Seriously, though, if a sexy, trustworthy male friend were to offer you this situation, and you hadn’t yet found your forever guy, what would you say?...


Becoming Unconsciously Competent in Your Dating Life

I recently came across a learning model (originated in the 1970s and introduced by Noel Burch, an employee of Gordon Training International) called The Four Stages of Competence. The learning model describes the psychological states people go through in the process of transforming skill incompetence to competence or mastery. The driving force behind the model is self-awareness. I thought there was a great parallel to draw between this theory of how one learns new skills and the world of dating. Because the fact of the matter is...


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