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The Cold Hard Truths of Cheating [Infographic]

Many of my clients in need of relationship advice and guidance have been cheated on, whether by a former spouse or an ex-boyfriend. A partner's infidelity is a terrible thing to experience. It can be very difficult to bounce back after someone you trusted and loved betrayed you. When [...]


Guest Post: 5 Dating Apps For Singles

The peeps over at With My Ex Again recently contacted me about guest posting an article on mobile dating. Mobile dating has become very popular over the last couple of years. As people rely increasingly on their cell phones, the more the dating industry is focusing on the mobile [...]


Is Online Dating For You? [Infographic]

[Tweet "I’m continually amazed at the profiles I see — generic, too short, too long, lazy, uninspired, bad pictures."] I'm a huge proponent of online dating. I met my husband on four years ago and was online dating well before that. I think all singles should give online [...]

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6 Signs You Are in the Wrong Relationship

The team at The Anatomy of Love, a research-focused website run by two Ph.D's (the inimitable Dr. Helen Fisher being one of them), who have spent their careers studying the science behind love, reached out to me to see if they could contribute a guest post to my blog. [...]


The Difference Between Lust, Love, and Settling: What “Far From the Madding Crowd” Can Teach You

Call me a sap, but I’m an absolute sucker for period films, especially English ones that deal with matters of the heart. Whenever there is a Jane Austen remake, I’m the first in line to buy a ticket. My latest obsession is with the movie Far From the Madding Crowd (and [...]


Myth: You’ll Find Love When You Stop Looking

There are a lot of myths out there about dating. One of those myths is that you’ll find love when you stop looking. In my opinion, nothing could be further than the truth. My philosophy is that you are the CEO and enTREPreneur of your love life, that your [...]


He Has Feelings For Me But Isn’t Ready to Commit to Me

Hi Neely, I read your blog and really appreciate your advice. I have a question for you about a guy I’ve recently started seeing. We’ve been out a handful of times already, but I have some reservations. He says he has feelings for me, but he is not ready [...]


What Should I Do If I’m Not Getting What I Need In My Relationship?

Dear Neely, I am 30 years old and in a “somewhat” and “it’s a bit complicated” relationship. I truly care deeply about my boyfriend and I feel that he feels the same for me, but he's afraid that he may be holding me back. He is an amazing man [...]

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Why Your Home Space Matters When it Comes to Your Love Life

When it comes to creating a space in your life for love to flourish, sometimes it’s not just about the how-to’s of dating. Sometimes, there are other areas of a woman’s life that need to be addressed for her to move forward confidently in the dating world. Sometimes that [...]


Does My Career Success Scare Men Away?

Hi Neely, I've been going on a lot of online dates where I feel bad admitting I'm successful. For example, I wrote that I love to travel in my profile. Last night the guy asked me, “So do you plan one trip a year?” I said that I usually [...]


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