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coaching-arrowThe Ultimate Create Your Love Story Package

Want to know if this is the right option for you? Watch the video and read below!

This package is similar to the Jumpstart Your Love Life package, but the main difference is that I am working with you for 6 WHOLE MONTHS. The best results for my clients occur when they work with me for an extended period of time. Sometimes 3 months (i.e. the Jumpstart package) working together just isn’t enough time to create what you’re looking for. Women want more dedicated support over a longer period of time to address their dating and relationship fears and insecurities, and to discuss the challenges that may arise for them while dating and within budding relationships. This package ensures that I am by your side for half a year, holding you accountable, providing compassionate support, discussing the various men you are meeting and dating, and guiding you to make healthy decisions.

Many women who purchase this package find themselves in a happy relationship by the end of our time working together.

Meetings are designed to:

  • discuss current dating situations;
  • increase confidence and self-esteem;
  • help you set realistic dating goals that you can work towards during our time working together;
  • understand and unpack your negative beliefs and thoughts about yourself, men, dating, relationships, and the like;
  • get more clarity on who you are, your relationship history, who and what type of relationship you are looking for, what type of dater you are, and what may be holding you back unconsciously from finding a healthy, happy relationship;
  • develop more understanding of what you want vs. what you need in a partner;
  • help you move on from exes;
  • help you develop healthy dating and relationship boundaries;
  • provide you with pre-date pep talks and post-date analysis
  • online dating assistance and profile creation or analysis.

To find out if this is the right option for you, please contact me for a 15-minute phone introductory consultation to ascertain your needs and discuss my role as your coach.

For a 15-minute consultation, email me at

Here’s how this package works and what you receive:

  • Clients are expected to be dating online.
  • I will create an amazing brand new profile for you from scratch (this includes all elements of your profile). You will complete a detailed questionnaire that will help me write a profile that is unique, thoughtful, and will make a great first impression.
  • I HIGHLY recommend professional photographs with a photographer of your choice, or if you are in the Boston metro area, you can sign up for a shoot with my husband and me (he takes the photos and I’m “on set” helping to style you and direct things). Inquire for photo package prices. I will then help you select the best photos from your shoot. If you choose to use other, non-professional photos, they must be approved by me.
  • Once your profile is up and live, we will have twelve, 60-minute, one-on-one coaching meetings over the phone or skype or in-person (if you live in the Boston area). Meetings take place every two weeks. So I am by your side for THREE MONTHS!
  • During each meeting, we will be discussing your online and offline dating experiences, and during the first few meetings, I will have action steps, reflection exercises and worksheets for you to complete in between meetings.
  • You will get a meeting debrief and takeaway customized Love TREP action plan after each meeting to keep you moving forward in your dating life. Debrief and plan are emailed to you 48 hours after each call/meeting.
  • You will get access to my private Love TREP Dating and Singles Support facebook group, where you can share your dating experiences, challenges, fears, and celebrations with other single women. This is a great support network full of amazing women like you.
  • Unlimited emails to me with your dating questions or concerns throughout our time working together.

Investment: $3019


Note: If you are looking for additional online dating support, consider also purchasing the The Ultimate Profile Makeover and VIP Online Dating Help. Choose the “Renew” option to purchase. With this service, I search for and email matches each week for you. Good for busy professionals who feel they do not have the time to email regularly or are uncomfortable with emailing prospective matches.

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